Secured Virtual Private Server Hosting in Iraq 2022

Secured Virtual Private Server Hosting in Iraq 2022

Secured and High Performance Virtual Private Server Hosting in Iraq


What is server virtualization?

Server virtualization is a software architecture that separates a physical server into multiple unique virtual instances.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) runs on a server which is partitioned off from other virtual machines. It provides the user with a separate file system, memory allocation, and other distinct resources that are dedicated to them.

When should you use virtual private server ?

Some people are wary of the word “VPS” because it sounds expensive. We want to assure you that VPS hosting is actually not that much more expensive than shared hosting.

A VPS hosting will provide you with more power and control over your website. it tends to work better in some situations than in others. So before we continue, let us give you some scenarios where a VPS might make sense for you.

  • VPS is a great option when you are running a website that exceeds limits of the shared hosting, needs custom modules or applications, or has extreme traffic.
  • If you are storing sensitive data or need root access, which can be handy for developers. Then a VPS might make sense for you.

Are virtual private servers safe?

Virtual private servers are the best option for those who want to host their sites and web applications online. Many people consider these types of servers as the perfect combination of security and affordability. But are they really safe?

Security is one of the main concerns that people have when investing in any type of solution. With virtual private servers, there are many security features that can be added to protect your data and websites from outside threats.

So, to find the best VPS for you, it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions. Some things you should consider when shopping around for a new service are: What type of service do I need? How much information will I have access to once I sign up? How often does the company update their software?

At Greyhound datacenter in Iraq, reliability and security are guaranteed through our Tier 3 Data Center infrastructure. Our Network Operations Center monitors operations 24/7 to ensue everything is running smoothly. The Security Operations Center provides real-time, constant threat assessment, prevention, and reporting.

Secured Virtual Private Server (VPS)

What are the different types of VPS?

Many different VPS product terms are all over the search result pages, they seem like different products, but actually there are only two main types of Virtual Private Servers:

  • Managed VPSs are hosted by the provider for you, and usually come with a higher price tag. You can typically choose a pre-configured operating system to run your server on, but you won’t have as much customization capabilities as you would with an unmanaged VPS.

They are managed by the hosting company. This means that tasks like installation of software, updates, and backups are handled for you.

  • Unmanaged VPSs are hosted by the customer themselves, and often come with lower entry fees than their managed counterparts. They require more technical know-how than managed VPSs, but they’re also more customizable and can be optimized specifically for your needs.

What are the advantages of using VPS?

A VPS is often more reliable than a shared hosting server because it is dedicated to handling just one customer’s data, and it doesn’t have to handle the traffic of the other customers. The resources are allocated exclusively for that one customer, which means that they can be used in the most efficient way possible, without having to also share them with other customers.

It has increased efficiency because there are no limits on what you can do with it, unlike shared hosting where you are limited by the hardware available. You can customize your machine so that your processing power is never an issue.

VPSs offer improved performance and scalability over shared hosting servers because they have a dedicated CPU, RAM and drive space for each customer.

It also offers enhanced security as it separates each user’s data from other users, making it impossible to access data belonging to another user if one’s password is compromised. This way, even if an attacker gains access to one account, they will not be able to access anything else.