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Grey hound Can Help You Launch Microsoft Azure for Your Business

We are Microsoft Gold partner and a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider. This means we partner with Microsoft to deliver the best service to your business.

In addition to the core offering of Microsoft Azure, we provide extra value to your company:

Talented staff members have years of experience and training to help your launch and transition to the Azure Cloud go smoothly.

Superb facilities and hardware ensure you can operate with a full cloud-based solution, or a hybrid cloud solution to meet your needs.

Services such as Disaster Recovery, Managed Security, and Backup bring an integrated approach to the necessary parts of your IT infrastructure with Azure Backup and Azure Storage.

Our value to your organization is our experience and support. We can help you build a better business through implementing cloud-based apps, data analytics, and more with Microsoft Azure.

Help You Launch Microsoft Azure for Your Business
  • It improves speed of deployment, operation and scalability.
  • Boosts business agility to enable faster development cycle.
  • Boasts global reach with Azure regions in every part of the globe.
  • Integrated development environment with Visual Studio.
  • Provides additional disaster recovery options and rolling reboot capabilities
  • Offers flexible spending options to increase ROI and manage demand fluctuations.
  • Offers security through Windows Hello to enable higher security.
  • Computational Services
  • Storage Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Data Management
  • Media Services
  • Developer Services
  • Microsoft Machine Learning
Developing the Apps, Processes and Transformation It Needs

Is Your Business Developing the Apps, Processes and Transformation It Needs

Digital transformation has touched every market sector. Businesses are developing new ways of working that propel them to greater success.

Businesses have relied on knowledge, experience, and ‘gut instinct’ to make decisions.

Seizing opportunities can be difficult for businesses that rely on traditional developer operations. Changes must be approved by the IT department. New hardware must be purchased and deployed.

Faster processes, better decisions driven by data, and shorter time to market for new projects

Digital Infrastructure Reduces Silos, Allows Faster Development, and Creates Profit

Managing business growth during the tech transformation is difficult. New opportunities can be delayed by old processes.

Major companies moved their core processes to the cloud to build profits and competitive advantage.

The move to cloud services with Microsoft Azure enabled to scale services faster and achieve a faster time to market for new offerings, including a new e-commerce

the positive benefits companies without a cloud-based platform are missing:

  • Shorter time to market for new opportunities
  • Greater data processing for faster, smarter decisions
  • Improved service delivery through all channels

If your business is missing out on these benefits, you could start to move into the future today with us

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