Cloud computing giant Microsoft Azure! What is it ? How it works ?

Cloud computing giant Microsoft Azure! What is it ? How it works ?

Microsoft Azure! What is it ? How it works ?

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that enables developers and IT administrators to create, run, manage, and scale applications in the cloud.

Azure provides a flexible cloud infrastructure for building and running applications by enabling customers to choose from a variety of storage, compute resources, networking, security options and management tools such as monitoring, remediation, automation, and workflow.

It also offers Software as a service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and serverless cloud computing services.

What does Microsoft Azure do?

Microsoft Azure can be used in many different things, such as hosting web applications like WordPress or Drupal. It can also be used to host software as a service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce CRM or Slack. And much more!

Microsoft Azure can handle the integration of data across multiple technologies and systems such as databases, file servers, web servers, cloud services and more. Microsoft Azure also has access to the latest technologies like machine learning algorithms which will help users develop adaptive apps for their business needs using artificial intelligence (AI).

How does Azure work?

Microsoft Azure is virtualization-based technology that runs on a clusters or server racks to provide virtualized hardware for the user

Cluster is a set of server racks which contain physical blade servers and network switches. It also runs a cloud management software (aka. Fabric controller) that allocate services and monitor the virtual environment health components.

Those fabric controllers work together with front-end servers that run cloud orchestration software which hosts web services and internal databases that are used in cloud activities.

Azure It is a complex collection of severs, network devices and distributed applications put together to manage operations and configurations of the virtual environment that eliminates the need of any user action to maintain or upgrade their hardware.

What services provided through Azure portal?

Azure portal is a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of services to customers. It is the place where all Microsoft Azure services are hosted and accessed.

The Azure portal offers an easy way to manage all your resources in the cloud. Its directory of services includes:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning services

Azure AI services help you build your applications using powerful tools such as “Azure Cognitive Services” and “Azure Databricks Services”, enabling you to create intelligent systems with natural language understanding, machine learning and natural language understanding.

Azure Analytics Service

Azure analytics is an enterprise-class data warehouse that helps organizations gain insight into their business and improve performance. It provides a single source of truth for all their data and allows them to analyze it in real time. Some examples of Azure Analytics are “Azure Data Lake” and “Azure Stream Analytics”

Azure Containers Service

Azure container-based virtualization platform enables developers to develop, deploy, and manage applications in a secure and scalable way using common platforms with tools such as “Azure Red Hat OpenShift” and “Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)”.

Azure Database Service

Azure database allows you to create secured, scalable, and high availability apps on open-source database. it allows you to scale out using cloud managed database service and migrate PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, and other NoSQL workloads to the cloud.

Azure Developer tools service

Developer tools help developers to track and deploy their software, test it on a large scale and share code with others. Some of the provided Azure Developer services are “Visual Studio” and “Azure DevTest Labs”

Azure Hybrid and Multicloud

Azure hybrid solution enables organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure and platforms for hybrid cloud deployment and manage it in a more flexible way. This solution allows users to take advantage of their existing investments in hardware, software, and network infrastructure and deploy it as they see fit while leveraging the cloud resources available within Microsoft Azure such as “Azure Stack” and “Azure DevOps”.

Azure Identity services

used to securely manage users accounts and access permissions across devices and applications using tools like “Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)” and “Azure Information Protection”.

Azure Networking provides

Azure networking is a complete solution for network connectivity between on-premises and in the cloud, enabling organizations to quickly deploy, manage, and secure their networks.

With Azure Networking, organizations can easily build highly available and resilient networks that are automatically configured based on business needs and security policies. The solution includes “Azure Load Balancer”, “Azure Firewall”, “Azure VPN Gateway” and more.

Azure Storage service

Azure provides a cloud storage service that offers high-performance and durable block storage. It is scalable, secured, and cost-effective solution for storing data. Some of its tools are “Azure Blob Storage” and “Azure confidential ledger”.

Cloud Computing Services

Azure products also includes solutions like Compute, internet of things (IoT), media. Integration, migration, management and governance, mixed reality, and other future-ready cloud solutions for your business.

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