Best Cloud Service Provider in Iraq

Best Cloud Service Provider in Iraq

Best Cloud Service Provider in Iraq


What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the process of storing your data in remote servers rather than on your own desktop or laptop.

The information is stored in a huge network of computers called “the cloud.” These computers are connected to each other through high-speed internet connections. This allows people to store files, programs, emails, and other things on the internet without taking up space on their own computer or device.

Cloud computing can be accessed through software that is installed on a user’s computer or it can be accessed remotely through an app that runs in a web.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

Cloud services can be accessed from any device while at home, at work or on the go which makes it easier for teams to collaborate and produce better work together.

It is the delivery of the computing power, the applications and storage over a network, typically through the internet. The main advantage is that this service has an on-demand pay-as-you-go model and facilitates access to resources from anywhere in the world without restrictions to time or location.

Cloud services allow people to store their data in an external location which is not linked with one particular device, so all the data will be the same irrespective of whichever device they are using.

Its scalability allows you to scale up or down as needed, makes it easier to add more resources when there’s a spike in demand while freeing up resources when they’re not needed.

Cloud computing also offers a lot of security benefits as well. For instance, your data will be stored in a server that you do not own and hence, you can’t do anything that might result in its deletion or alteration.

PaaS SaaS IaaS

Types of cloud computing service

Cloud services are coming in different models. Some of the most popular ones are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

  • Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based application that provides the user with access to the application’s software rather than to its source code. The user can use it without installing any software on their own computers and it requires a one-time fee per month or yearly contract. The main benefit for users is not having to worry about installation, maintenance, upgrades, or equipment costs while using the app.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) is an IT concept in which an external provider offers hardware and other infrastructure resources along with corresponding services including an operating system and programming language(s). It also provides other tools typically required.
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers virtual machines, storage, network bandwidth, etc. The customer can then install an operating system (OS) and run their own software on the VM.

What is the difference between cloud deployment types?

different types of deployment models of cloud computing offer different benefits and drawbacks that should be weighed against each other.

  • Public Cloud is the most well-known type of deployment, where data centers are owned by a public company instead of your company or organization. They provide many benefits for businesses, including less time spent on server maintenance, faster deployments, and less upfront investment in hardware.
  • Private Cloud provides the organization with the security and control over their data. The organization will have to invest in an on-premises hardware and software which is exclusively used by them. This private cloud is accessed over a private network by authorized users only.
  • Hybrid Cloud provide organizations with a mix of public and private cloud – one that suits their needs depending on the project or need, instead of an all-or-nothing approach. It also gives them more flexibility in terms of what they want to do, how they want to do it, and when they want to do it.

Examples of cloud computing services

Some examples of popular cloud computing services are Gmail, Dropbox, and Netflix.

We in Greyhound provide our customers with top of the cloud service solutions in Iraq for their enterprises:

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a set of cloud computing services that work together to provide a range of powerful tools for web developers, app developers, and IT professionals. Provided by Microsoft

Amazon AWS

One of the most popular companies that provides cloud computing services is Amazon AWS. It provides several tools that are helpful for developers. For example, they provide analytics software to track how much time it takes to complete processes on their servers, as well as how many errors are made during those processes.


SAP C4/HANA is a cloud service that provides a complete software solution. It is a platform that offers both on-premises and cloud-based solutions to manage all aspects of business from back office to front office operations.

AMAZON AWS for Your Business