Don’t be one of the 30% of businesses who lose data during a breach. Backup your most critical data and environments to protect your business.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Save Your Progress with Cloud Backup as a Service Solution

Data storage in the cloud is a simple way to protect against data loss. Online backup services allow you to xx how often your data is backed up. Your data will be securely stored and ready for you to access.
Scheduling backup times is an easy process. Our team will work together with you to ensure the right information is backed up at the best time. Once the setup is complete, your data will be secured smoothly without disruption to your business or life.

Cloud Backup

Protect Your Business through Computer Backup Services

Cloud backup services are not always enough for businesses. Larger businesses may require a tiered backup system due to the size of their operations. Sensitive, mission-critical data should be kept in a backup system with an ‘air gap’ to protect against cyber threats. Compliance with information security regulations could mean your business needs a physical copy of its information.
Grey Hound offers tape backup services, disc backup services, and cloud backup services. Each of these is important for protecting your business. The different uses of tape, disc, and cloud backups are explained below.

Keep Life Simple by Automating Your Backup Services

Most data security plan failures happen because people forget to follow the correct procedures. With our managed backup services, we take the work away from you. We create the backup service plan to meet your needs. Then, we execute the plan correctly – every time.
Once our data backup services are in place, you can relax a little bit. You do not need to worry about this aspect of protecting your business. Your progress is safe with us.

Automating your backup
  • Secure backup in a world-class Tier 3 Data Center with a dedicated Security Operations Center
  • Clear reporting and data visualization produce actionable results to ensure your backup plan is working correctly
  • Scalable services are perfect for businesses and individuals with many different needs
  • Tape Backup Services

Tape is not dead. In fact, tape backup services could be exactly what your business needs to build a great information security plan. Here are some great features of our tape systems:

    • Automated backups are customized to meet your policy and scheduling requirements
    • Off-Site storage improves your data security and meets data protection standards
    • Restore on demand options minimize downtime in event of a data breach or loss
  • Disk Backup Services

Some data backups may need to be available quickly. Ease of use and recovery are the biggest benefits of disk backup services. This service offers great benefits to your company:

    • Flexible and centralized data protection for your company’s information and apps
    • Self-Managed or restore-on-demand options are available to suit your needs
  • Cloud Backup Services

Storing your data in the cloud provides the fastest access. This backup solution is very familiar to most users. It also provides advantages over other backup services:

    • Easily scalable to backup single user accounts, computers, servers, and more
    • Launch this service on your own immediately through our online marketplace

Speak to a member of our team for more information on our BaaS options

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